1996 Stock

London Underground Jubilee Line 1996 Stock

Introduced:  1997      Line Operated:  Jubilee Line      Number in Service:  63        Max Speed:  62mph
Number of Carriages:  7       Seating Capacity:  290       Total Capacity:  875
Formation:  Driving Motor – Trailer – Non Driving Motor + Non Driving Motor – Trailer – Trailer – Driving Motor


The 1996 stock for the Jubilee Line was constructed in tandem with the Northern Line’s 1995 stock trains at GEC Alsthom’s facility in Barcelona with final assembly and fitting out being completed at Washwood Heath in Birmingham. 1996 Stock shares a lot of similarities with the 1995 Stock although the unit interiors, seating layout, cab interior, traction packages and train management system are different.

The trains were delivered as 6-car sets and entered service on the Jubilee Line beginning in 1997 with the final unit of 59 ordered coming into service in July 1998. In early 2005, following the discovery of the need for extra capacity on the Jubilee Line, London Underground ordered 4 new complete trains and 59 extra Trailer cars to lengthen the existing trains to 7 car.

The Jubilee Line was closed in December 2005 to allow conversion to seven car operation. This work included signalling alterations as well as modification to the on-train software to recognise the extra platform edge doors on the Jubilee Line Extension, the works were scheduled for five days but were completed in three.  From opening, the Jubilee Line Extension was intended to utilise Automatic Train Operation, however the trains were operated conventionally until the initial technical difficulties concerning the system were overcome and ATO was gradually introduced, finally being completed in June 2011.

Beginning in early 2017, the 1996 Stock began to be sent for refurbishment after 20 years of service. New flooring with contrasting doorway patterns, new wheelchair backboards and an internal paint refresh, along with the plating over of door open/close buttons on all units was completed with the first unit returning to traffic in February 2017.

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