1995 Stock

London Underground Northern Line 1995 Stock

Introduced:  1997        Line Operated:  Northern Line        Number in Service:  106        Max Speed:  62mph (limited to 45mph)
Number of Carriages:  6        Seating Capacity:  248        Total Capacity:  660
Formation:  Driving Motor  – Trailer – Non Driving Motor + Non Driving Motor – Trailer – Driving Motor


The 1995 Stock was constructed by GEC Alsthom at their Washwood Heath plant, beginning in 1996, in response to the need of London Underground to replace 1959 & 1972 Stock on the Northern Line.

The first train was delivered to Ruislip Depot in December 1996 with testing of the class beginning in 1997. 1995 Stock commenced service on the Northern Line between 12 June 1998 and 10 April 2001.

As delivered, the 95 Stock is the only deep-level tube stock to utilise selective door opening due to short platforms at Camden Town, Moorgate, Charing Cross, Hampstead and Clapham Common. Although originally designed to be driven in the conventional manner, the class was converted to operate by Transmission Based Train Control (TBTC) from 2013 with the full fleet being converted by June 2014.

Refurbishment of the class after 15 years service began in 2013 with Alstom installing new flooring including contrasting stlye in the unit doorways, new seating moquette and wheelchair space backboards installed. Alongside this, the door open/close buttons originally installed were plated over and the external livery was refreshed. All units were refurbished and re-entered service by April 2015.

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