1992 Stock

London Underground Central Line 1992 Stock

Introduced:  1993      Line Operated:  Central Line | Waterloo & City Line      Number in Service:  90        Max Speed:  62mph
Number of Carriages:  8 – Central Line | 4 – Waterloo & City Line       Seating Capacity:  272 | 136       Total Capacity:  930 | 444
Formation:  Driving Motor  – Non Driving Motor + Driving Motor  – Non Driving Motor  (paired to form 8 car unit)


The 1992 stock was constructed between 1991 & 1993 by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL), with the work contracted to ABB (now Bombardier Transportation) at their Derby works.  The 1992 stock order was initially placed for the Central line, but a later order was placed for the Waterloo & City Line.

1992 stock was introduced to the Central Line in April 1993 with each train consisting of 4 two car units, replacing the existing 1962 stock units on the line. The Waterloo & City Line units (designated Class 482) were constructed as 5 two car units. These units were delivered between 1992 & 1993, replacing the Class 487 units on that line.

The Waterloo & City Line passed from British Rail to London Underground ownership on 1 April 1994, with the Class 482 units re-numbered into the London Underground 1992 stock series.

In 2011, after nearly 20 years in service, the Central Line 1992 stock went through a refreshment program. The main changes to the units were new seating moquette, improved lighting and modification of the window frames. The driving cabs also received a refresh with replacement of a large number of parts to a simpler design. The Waterloo & City Line units received the new moquette but did not receive the other refurbishment.

As part of the New Tube for London program, it was confirmed in October 2014 that the 1992 stock on both the Central and Waterloo & City Lines would be replaced by new semi-articulated units. The withdrawal of 1992 stock is due to begin in 2020.


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