Epping Station

Epping London Underground Station

Address:  Station Road, Epping CM16 4HW | Get Directions      Station Code: EPP      Fare Zone: 6      Step Free: Street to Platform

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Epping Station opened in 1865 as part of the Great Eastern Railway’s extension of their current line from Loughton to Ongar. So popular was the service to Ongar that, in 1892, the GER doubled the track between Loughton and Epping to accomodate more services. At it’s peak, the service to Epping totalled 36 trains per day with 22 terminating and a further 14 continuing to Ongar.

As part of the New Works Programme 1935 – 1940, London Underground took over the Loughton to Epping service as part of the Central Line in September 1949, leaving the Epping to Ongar section as a British Rail operated steam shuttle. The line to from Epping to Ongar was electrified in 1957 and was absorbed by the Central Line, although the Epping to Ongar service remained a shuttle, with passengers for destinations south of Epping required to change trains.

In September 1994, London Underground withdrew the service from the Epping to Ongar line due to poor ridership. The line was sold to a private consortium and has subsequently become the preserved Epping Ongar Railway. At the time of writing there is no platform for the EOR at Epping, as no agreement with London Underground has been reached to allow this, but it is an aspiration of the EOR to see trains on their line return to Epping at some point in the future and there is still a physical connection maintained between the EOR and Central Line for the purpose of stock movements, etc.

As part of the planning for a future Crossrail 2, Epping was proposed as an eastern terminus to the line, however this plan was revised in 2013 with Epping no longer being considered.

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