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Sullivan Buses Route 217

Operator:  Sullivan Buses      Operating Garage:  South Mimms (SM)
Vehicle(s) Used:
  Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 MMC/ADL Enviro400/Scania Omnicity

Terminating Points:
  Turnpike Lane Station  |  Waltham Cross Bus Station
Journey Time (Off Peak):  30-60 minutes    Route Length:  8 Miles (13km)


  • Every 12 minutes (Mon-Sat Daytime)
  • Every 20 minutes  (Sunday & Evenings)

The Route

From Turnpike Lane, route 217 turns right into Green Lanes before turning right again at the junction into Westbury Avenue, which it follows up to the junction of Lordship Lane.  At the junction here, the route turns right before turning left to access The Roundway, which it follows northbound, merging into the A10 Great Cambridge Road just before the junction with White Hart Lane.  Route 217 now follows the Great Cambridge Road north, crossing over the Cambridge Roundabout and passing Church Street, Bury Street & Lincoln Road junctions before arriving at the junction with Southbury Road.

At this junction, the 217 turns right into Southbury Road and then left into Baird Road, serving Enfield Retail Park.  After serving this stop, the route then turns right, back onto the A10 and heads north again passing the junction at Carterhatch Lane and serving Hoe Lane, Turkey Street Station and Manor Court before arriving at the junction with Bullsmoor Lane.  At this junction the route turns right again, accessing Bullsmoor Lane and following the road, passing Lea Valley High School before turning left at the junction of Hertford Road.  The 217 now follows Hertford Road northbound, turning right at the roundabout to access Monarchs Way before turning left into Eleanor Cross Road and arriving at Waltham Cross Bus Station.

  • A full list of bus stops served by Route 217 can be found here
  • A fairly comprehensive history of Route 217 can be found here


This video shows part of Route 217 beginning at Cambridge Roundabout, heading for Waltham Cross.  The full route video will be recorded when time allows.

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