Wrightbus Streetlite

Manufacturer: Wrightbus        First Introduced: 2010/2011        Lengths:  8.8m |  10.8m
Number of Seats:  33 + 1 Wheelchair Space (8.8m) | 41 + 1 Wheelchair Space (10.8m)

Chassis Available:

  • Integral


  • Cummins 4-cylinder ISBe
  • Cummins 6-cylinder ISBe


Go Ahead London General, Tower Transit


The Wrightbus Streetlite was first introduced as the StreetLite WF in 2010.  This model was built with the front wheel forward of the entrance door (hence the WF model name).  It was released in 8.8  9.5m lengths although the 8.8m version is the only one currently in use in London.   The 8.8m model has seating for 33 passengers plus one wheelchair space and has a single entrance/exit door.

The second model, released in 2011, was the Streetlite DF.  This model was built with the entrance door ahead of the front wheel and was released in 10.2  or 10.8m lengths, with the 10.8m length currently operated in London.  Unlike the Streetlite WF, the DF is available as either a single or dual door vehicle.  The 10.8m model has seating for 41 passengers plus 1 wheelchair space.

Both models are built on an integral chassis design with an option of either Cummins 4 or 6 cylinder engines running through a Voith gearbox.


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