1972 Stock

London Underground Bakerloo Line 1972 Stock

Introduced:  1972      Line Operated:  Bakerloo Line      Number in Service:  36        Max Speed:  45mph
Number of Carriages:  7        Seating Capacity:  268        Total Capacity:  700
Formation:  Driving Motor  – Trailer – Uncoupling Non Driving Motor + Driving Motor – Trailer – Trailer – Driving Motor


The 1972 Stock units were constructed by Metro Cammell between 1972 & 1974, the intention being to replace the life expired 1938 and 1959 stock units running at the time on the Northern Line.  In total, 252 cars (36 trains) were built.

Due to the need to replace the existing 1938 & 1959 stock units in somewhat of a hurry, there was no time to produce a bespoke design of unit, so the 1972 stock design was based on the 1967 stock running on the Victoria Line.  Although the 1972 & 1967 stock are more or less identical on the outside, the 1972 stock differs in the fact that the 1972 trains had a guard and door controls in the rear car and were not built to be compatible with the 1967 stock units.

The 1972 Stock units operated initially on the Jubilee & Northern Lines before they were replaced by new trains and subsequently moved to the Bakerloo Line where they still operate today.  However, the 1972 stock has been earmarked for replacement as part of the New Tube for London (NTfL) project and it is estimated that the 1972 stock will be withdrawn and replaced by 2033.


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