Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini

Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini

Manufacturer: Wrightbus        First Introduced: 2001        Lengths:  10.4m      Number of Seats:  65 + 1 Wheelchair Space

Chassis Available:

  • Volvo B7TL
  • Volvo B9TL


  • Volvo D7C
  • Volvo D9B


Abellio London, Arriva London, Go Ahead London (Blue Triangle, London Central, London General), Metroline, Tower Transit


Wrightbus launched their Eclipse Gemini model, initially on a Volvo B7TL chassis in 2001, as a double decked version of their existing Wright Eclipse body. The Eclipse Gemini was made available with both single and dual door options, with London being the main market for the latter. The other main difference with the examples built for London is that the staircase is located directly opposite the central exit doors, rather than behind the driver’s cab, as the single door variants are built.

With the replacement of the original Volvo B7TL with the updated B9TL in 2006, Wrightbus took the opportunity to give the rear of the model a facelift, making it more rounded compared to the original design.

in 2008, Wrightbus released the Eclipse Gemini on the Volvo B5LH hybrid chassis, with the first 6 examples being delivered to Arriva London in that year.

The Eclipse Gemini model ceased production in 2009, having been superceded by the upgraded and redesigned Eclipse Gemini 2.

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