Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2

Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2

Manufacturer: Wrightbus        First Introduced: 2008        Lengths:  10.4m      Number of Seats:  62 + 1 Wheelchair Space

Chassis Available:

  • Volo B9TL (Diesel Model)
  • Volvo B5LH (Hybrid Model)


  • Cummins ISBe 6 Cylinder (Diesel Model)
  • Ford Sigma (Hybrid Model)


Arriva London, Go Ahead London (Blue Triangle, Docklands Buses, London Central, London General), Metroline, RATP London Sovereign, Tower Transit


The Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 was launched in 2008 as the replacement for the original model. The Eclipse Gemini 2 shared the bodywork design of the Pulsar Gemini and was originally offered on the Volvo B9TL, as well as the Hybrid Volvo B5LH chassis.

At launch, the Eclipse Gemini 2 was offered as two variants, the DL, which featured a Cummins 6-Cylinder diesel engine, and the HEV, which featured a Hybrid drive system powered by a Ford Sigma engine.

The first Eclipse Gemini DL entered service in 2009 with Go Ahead London General with the first Hybrid HEVs entering service in January of that year. In total, more than 470 DLs were built between 2007 & 2013, alongside 13 HEVs built between 2007 & 2009.

Production of the Eclipse Gemini 2 ceased in 2015 with the introduction in 2013 of the Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 3

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