Plaxton/Transbus President

Plaxton President

Manufacturer: Plaxton        First Introduced: 1997        Lengths:  10.1m |  10.6m      Number of Seats:  64 + 1 Wheelchair Space

Chassis Available:

  • Dennis Trident
  • Volvo B7TL
  • DAF DB250


  • Cummins C-Series/ISCe
  • Volvo D7C
  • DAF


Go Ahead London Central, Metroline, RATP London Sovereign


Introduced in 1997, the President was built at the Wigan plant of Northern Counties between 1999 & 2005, although, for it’s early life, it was branded as a Plaxton product. The main reason for the introduction of the President was as competition for Alexander, who had released their ALX400 body at the time. Following the merger of Mayflower Corporation, who owned Alexander & Dennis with the Henlys Group, owner of Plaxton on 1 January 2001, the merged company became known as Transbus International, and production of the President continued under this brand.

In March 2004, Transbus International was placed into administration and bought out in May of that year. The new company, Alexander Dennis, continued production of the President until January 2005 when both the President and ALX400 products were ceased in favour of the Alexander Dennis Enviro400.

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