Leyton (T) Bus Garage

Stagecoach London Leyton (T) Bus Garage

Operator: Stagecoach London        Opened:  1912        Address: High Rd, Leyton, London E10 6AD | Get Directions

Current Routes Operated:  55 56 97 179 215 275 N55


The current Leyton bus garage was built by the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) in 1912 to replace an existing garage they had acquired from London Metropolitan. The garage suffered bomb damage during the Second World War but was not rebuilt until a major renovation was carried out in 1955.

When London’s bus network was split up in April 1989, Leyton was taken over by the London Forest subsidiary. Plans to close the garage caused strike action by all of London Forest’s staff, which was a contribuing factor in the winding up of the company in 1991 and the subsequent passing of Leyton to the East London subsidiary.

In 1994, the East London subsidiary company sold it’s operations to the Stagecoach group, who renamed the company Stagecoach East London. This name lasted until November 2000 when Stagecoach consolidated its London operations under the name Stagecoach London.

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