2009 Stock

London Underground Victoria Line 2009 Stock

Introduced:  2009      Line Operated:  Victoria Line      Number in Service:  47        Max Speed:  50mph
Number of Carriages:  8         Seating Capacity:  276        Total Capacity:  880
Formation:  Driving Motor  – Trailer – Non Driving Motor – Uncoupling Non Driving Motor (paired to form 8 car unit)


The 2009 stock is part of the Bombardier Transportation Movia family of multiple units (same as the S Stock), and was constructed between 2007 and 2011 to replace the exisiting, life expired 1967 stock on the Victoria Line.

2009 stock was constructed to a wider gauge than the 1967 stock and, until the introduction of the S Stock, were also the longest multiple units running on the Underground network.  Due to the increased width, the units can only work on the VIctoria Line and, if they need to be removed for maintenance, this must be done by road.

Each train is made up of two 4-car units coupled back to back giving an overall seating capacity of 288 per set and an overall capacity (inc. standees) of 876.  The 2009 stock is also the first London Underground stock to be fully  Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations compliant with facilities for people with impaired mobility, including multi-purpose areas with tip-up seats and space for wheelchairs and pushchairs, and offset centre door poles for wheelchair access.

The stock did not enter service smoothly with a few incidents occurring, involving over-sensitive door sensors and the train software malfunctioning  leading to temporary suspension of the the line.  The door edge problems have been resolved with a new solution being implemented by LU engineers at a cost of £3million.


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